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Durostick  D-14 Obstructive fluid for pipes and siphons.

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  • Effective blockage, immediate action that frees us from the use of steel or other unnecessary blockage costs. It disintegrates in a few minutes sinks, bathtubs, sinks and basins, dissolving accumulated fats, cigars, bristles, papers and cloths. Necessary for the sewerage networks of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, factories, public buildings, residences, etc. When applying it is necessary to take all protective measures, as indicated in the instructions for use.
  • Way  Of Use
  • Application preparation After wearing plastic gloves and goggles, hold and secure the container in a vertical position and press the special safety cap by turning it to open it. Stagnant water should be removed from the point where the D-14 will be applied, in order not to create a drop of drops.
    Application Empty a small amount and observe carefully if there are drips If not, add the appropriate amount required for sinks, sinks, basins, bathtubs, siphons and grease traps (500gr) and for blockage of central network of 100gm00gm diameter (10gr) . Due to the creation of odors and possible ejection of drops from the action of D-14 on the piping, stay away. After leaving it on for 3-5 minutes, add a little water and if the network is unplugged, let plenty of water run. If not, repeat the process.

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Shape - Color

Liquid corrosive – Brown

Specific gravity

1.84 ± 0.05kg / lt pH 0-1


sulfuric acid


500-1.800gr, depending on the diameter of the pipes and the degree of accumulation of pollutants.


0.5L, 1L

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