Durostick D-8 Refractory adhesive and sealant mortar for fire bricks.

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  • Adhesive mortar, based on refractory cement, quartz aggregates and special additives, suitable for building firebricks. It is distinguished for its high resistance to temperatures up to 1,050 ° C and its strong adhesive strength. It is ideal for building and grouting firebricks in fireplaces, ovens, grills, chimneys, etc. It is suitable for the restoration of worn joints, the plastering of cracked (common phenomenon), as well as for the welding of detached firebricks.

Way Of Use

  • Surface preparation: Firebricks must be clean, free of dust. In addition, it is necessary that the firebricks and the substrate be thoroughly wetted before laying or sealing cracks.
  • Application: Empty the contents of the bag in a clean container with water, in a ratio of 25kg cement to 7.0-7.5lt water (1.4-1.5lt to 5kg) and stir with a low speed drill, until a homogeneous mass is created without pellets. The mixture remains working for 3 hours. Spread the mixture with a trowel on the firebricks with the parallel use of plastic DUROSTICK GUIDES 5-7mm to create the joints.
  • The jointing is done with the adhesive material within 20 minutes from the installation, and the cleaning follows with a wet sponge, 5-10 minutes after the finish. The test for the correct operation of the fireplace or for any repairs of the refractory lining must be carried out after 24 hours, while to light the fireplace or the oven again, 5 days must pass. Note:
  • The temperature in the fireplace, with burning olive wood, does not exceed 600 ° C.

Additional information



Shape - Color

Cementitious cement – Gray



Apparent density of dry mortar

1.40 ± 0.05kg / lt

Apparent density of fresh mortar

2.00 ± 0.05kg / lt

Maximum grain diameter


Water requirement

7.0 ltr water in 25kg cement

Application temperature

From + 5 ℃ to + 35 ℃

Temperature resistance

From -30 ώς to + 1050 ℃

Shelf life

Up to 3 hours

Frost resistance


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