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Durostick DS-255 Quartz acrylic mortar adhesion primer, without solvents

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  • Ready-to-use primer of special acrylic base, without solvents, with quartz aggregates, enriched with improving additives. It is distinguished for its strong adhesion even on very smooth surfaces. It has excellent resistance to alkalis while at the same time acting as a barrier of incoming moisture, protecting the building from unwanted damage. It does not prevent the perspiration of buildings.
    It is necessary on surfaces where traditional cast plaster is difficult to adhere to, such as extruded or expanded polystyrene that is placed for insulation on the facades of buildings. “Prevents” possible detachment of plasters on interior and exterior surfaces from seismic vibrations as well as shrinkage of insulating materials. Ideal as a primer before the application of D-6 cement mortar in the COOL ROOF HEATING SYSTEM
    ROOF, as well as before laying the DS-250, DS-254 IRON Cement Mortars on tiles, marbles or mosaics and DS-252 FLEX on marine plywood floors or thoroughly cleaned sheet metal.
    In addition, it is also suitable for substrates with underfloor heating.
    way of useSurface preparation: The surfaces to be primed must be dry and free from loose spots, dust, grease, dirt, etc.

    Application: Stir the DS255 well in its container, before its application, with a low speed drill. It is applied with a roller or a mat in one layer. After it dries completely (24-48 hours), the mortar is applied.

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Shape - Color

Thick paste – Tile


0.1 to 1mm

Specific weight

1.35 ± 0.10 kg / lt ph 8.0 ± 1.0

Drying time

One to 2 hours to the touch, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the weather conditions


The product is ready to use

Application temperature

From + 8 ℃ to + 35 ℃

Temperature resistance

From -35 ℃ to + 100 ℃

Shelf life

Up to 3 hours




300-350gr / m² per layer, depending on the thickness of the layer and the substrate


1Kg, 5Kg, 15Kg

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