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Durostick  DS-260 Quartz acrylic adhesive primer for wood and metals, without solvents

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Ready-to-use solvent-free primer, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, based on acrylic resins, quartz aggregates with a grain size of 0.1-1mm and special additives. It is distinguished for its strong adhesion that is maintained unaffected by periodic or constant humidity, vibrations, contractions and expansions of surfaces and the passage of time.
Provides the possibility of plastering or lining with stones, tiles or marbles, old wooden or metal surfaces, such as:

  • Wooden new or old houses
  • Metallic buildings
  • Wooden floors and masonry, old or new, that need to be lined with ceramic tiles, marble, Pressed Cement Mortar DS-252 FLEX, decorative bricks or scaffolding.
    Way Of Use:

Surface preparation: The surfaces to be primed must be dry and free from loose spots, dust, grease, dirt, etc.

Application: Stir the DS-260 QUARTZ PRIMER well in its container, before its application, with a low speed drill. It is applied with a roll or a mat in 2 coats. The second coat follows, after the first is completely dry. The final investment follows after 24-48 hours.

Additional information



Shape - Color

Thick paste – Light blue


0.1 to 1mm

Specific weight

1.30 ± 0.10 kg / lt


8.0 ± 1.0

Drying time

One to 2 hours to the touch, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the weather conditions

2nd coating time

After 4-6 hours


The product is ready to use. It does not dilute

Application temperature

From + 8 ℃ to + 35 ℃

Temperature resistance

From -35 ℃ to + 100 ℃

Shelf life

p to 3 hours




300-350gr / m² per layer, depending on the thickness of the layer and the substrate


4Kg, 14Kg

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