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Granville Hammered Copper Metal Paint available in two different sizes. Designed to protect, decorate and rejuvenate metal surfaces

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Product Description:

Granville Hammered Paint is an advanced, easy to use
formulation – even on vertical surfaces – just apply like a
conventional gloss paint. It gives an attractive and protective
finish to all types of substrate. On ferrous substrates it
provides a tough impermeable barrier to air and moisture
which effectively seals out corrosion. Unlike currently available
metal finish paints, it does not contain harmful solvents and
has been designed to be slower drying making it easier and
safer to use.
Product Benefits:

* Technologically advanced White Spirit formulation
* Designed to protect, decorate and rejuvenate metal surfaces
* Use for example on metal drainpipes, gates, ornaments,
bicycles, garden furniture, vehicle chassis and on all types of
industrial machinery
* Simple one can treatment. No Undercoat, No Primer, No
* No special thinner required – just use white spirit
* Easy to use – even on vertical surfaces – use like a
conventional gloss paint
Product Usage:

Brush: Use a suitable sized brush, apply paint evenly using multi-directional strokes. Apply paint thickly and evenly
then level out to avoid runs and sags.
Roller: Use a natural fibre roller. Cover the area evenly. Some thinning may be required (up to 5%)
Spray: Thin with white spirit. Apply multiple coats allowing paint to dry between coats. Use a gun pressure of 30-40
psi. Thin, depending on equipment used, by between 10-15%.
Use white spirit or turpentine substitute for thinning product and cleaning equipment.
Directions for Use:

On ferrous substrate it is recommended to wire brush and abrade to remove loose material and to provide a key. It is
also recommended to wash the surface with detergent and water to remove any grease deposits.
On heavily rusted and pitted surfaces, first applying two coats of Granville Heavy Duty Rust Cure will improve the
performance of the paint.
Storage Instructions:

Store sealed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Additional information




Hammered Copper Metal Paint


750ml, 2.5L

Working temperature of cured product

-20°C to +100°C


@100um DFT 5-6 m²/ltr

Touch dry

1.5 hours

Tack free

After 4 hours


After 12 hours

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