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Render adhesion primer for smooth or non-porous substrates. For use as an alternative to spatter-dash to enhance adhesion of the subsequent coat of plaster/render. For interior and exterior use. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to add cement (20% by weight). Ideal for gypsum plasters.

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PL-BOND is an adhesion primer consisting of synthetic resins and quartz sand. It is used on smooth or non-absorbent surfaces instead of the spatter-dash (rough cast) layer, in order to increase the adhesion of the subsequent plaster or render layer. After its application, it offers a rough surface resistant to alkaline environments. It is s used as a ready-to-use primer to ensure adequate roughness on the substrate, so that the adhesion of the subsequent plaster or render layer is reinforced. The surface formed is resistant to alkalis and therefore constitutes an ideal substrate for gypsum plasters. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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