METAL MESH 1.75 X 3.00M

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Metal Mesh 1.75 x 3.00m available in tree different millimetres. It is an easy and economical solution for reinforcement in floors of buildings, warehouses and factories, as well as in other reinforced concrete structures such as solid, barbed or fungal slabs, walls, channels, culverts, swimming pools, tanks, etc.

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  • For meshes (standard or not) with wire diameter (d) 4.2, 5, 6, 7 and 8mm, technical steel of category B500A is used.
    The typical values for the mechanical properties of this steel class are as follows: 


  • Leakage limit, Re: ≥ 500MPa (N / mm²) for a reliable failure rate of 5% (p = 0.95) with a probability of 90%
  • Ratio of tensile strength / leakage limit,
  • Rm / Re ≥ 1.02 for d ≤ 7mm
  • Rm / Re ≥ 1.05 for d = 8mm for a reliable failure rate of 10% (p = 0.95) with a probability of 90%
  • Total elongation at maximum load,
  • Agt ≥ 1.5% for d ≤ 7mm
  • Agt ≥ 2.5% for d = 8mm

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6mm, 8mm, 10mm


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