Oleo-Mac Gasoline Chainsaw 25.4cc 10” GST250  ideal for branch and tree cutting, fulfiling all your need. Equipped with an automatic oiler that helps keeps the chain lubricated.

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The Oleo-Mac GST 250 is a professional chainsaw characterised by an excellent combination of power, lightweight construction, balanced geometry and easy handling. Combined, these elements make this the perfect tool for professional pruning and maintenance services on trees over extended operating periods.

Engineering improvements combined with new features make it well worth taking a second look at this lightweight pruning saw. For instance, newly-designed handles, fuel pipelines and inlet manifold allow easy operation at any angle. The new geometry of the brake-band housing in the chain guard means clogged sawdust needs to be removed less frequently. And an automatic aluminium oil pump, with adjustable flow, allows variation of lubricant flow to match conditions. It is driven by the clutch housing, so delivers zero oil flow with the engine idling.

Powered by a 1.3hp / 25.4cc engine, the GST 250 top handle saw features Oleo-Mac’s ‘EasyOn’ starting system which ensures a smooth pick-up of the engine with no kickback and a limited number of pulls. Equipped with a 25cm (10″) guide bar, the lateral chain tensioner allows the operator to adjust the chain tension swiftly, even in tricky positions. The metal oil pump with adjustable flow rate lets the flow rate of the lubricant be adapted based on the different types of use (type of wood, weather conditions, type of oil). The filter is removable without tools for easy maintenance.

The Oleo-Mac GST 250 features a specific hook which allows the operator to hang the chainsaw from a belt for unimpeded access to branches which are hard to reach. The cushioned operating handle means the carburetor is not subject to vibrations, ensuring a high degree of carburation so the job can be performed comfortably in all work positions.

This chainsaw must be used only for tree surgery by certified tree surgeons.

Brand Oleo-Mac
Engine Emak
Displacement 25.4cc
Power 1.0kW
Start Method Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.22L
Guide Bar Length 25cm / 10″
Chain Pitch 1/4″ (sprocket, carving)
Chain Gauge 0.050″
Oil Pump Aluminium, automatic, zero flow rate at idle speed
Automatic Chain Lubrication Yes
Oil Tank Capacity 0.19L
Vibration Level Data Lh: 4.3m/s² / Rh: 5.2m/s²
Sound and Noise Data Sound pressure: 97.7dB(A)
Power level: 107.9dB(A)
Weight 2.7kg


  • Powered by a 25.4cc two-stroke petrol engine, with a user-friendly Easy On system and easy access primer bulb included for hassle-free starting every time
  • Compact and lightweight design (only 2.7kg without bar and chain) ensures maximum manoeuvrability, with a special belt hook provided to increase freedom of movement
  • Equipped as standard with a sturdy 25cm (10”) guide bar and a 1/4” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain, perfect for professional maintenance of plants such as olive and fruit trees
  • Shock-absorbing anti-vibration system isolates carburettor from vibrations, thereby ensuring consistently smooth running performance in all working positions, as well as preventing fatigue over prolonged periods of use


User-friendly starting system ensures a smooth pick-up of the engine with no kickback, and limits the number of pulls required.


On/off switch automatically returns to the “on” position after each stop, thus eliminating the risk of flooding the carburettor.


Lateral chain tensioner designed to enable quick tightening of the chain prior to use, along with an automatic oil pump which regulates oil flow for optimal performance


No-nonsense everyday tools for the busy professional, these are machines that stand out for the toughness of their components, their high performance and their matchless long-term durability. Specific materials used in construction guarantee unwavering quality even when tackling the most severe and lengthy tasks, such as forestry work and the clearance of uncultivated areas or scrub and undergrowth.


The optimum balance and faultless ergonomics of this chainsaw is assured by its superior design: the work of Giugiaro and strictly made in Italy.


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