Oleo-Mac Twin Handle H Series Petrol Brushcutter BCH400T 40cc is the entry models in the Oleo-Mac series, designed to provide the perfect combination of performance and economy, for work around the house and on small farms.

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Product Description 

Working outdoors, in contact with nature, taking care of your green space can be challenging; here, therefore, it becomes important to buy the right tool to last less effort and obtain excellent results; The OleoMac BCH 400 T petrol brush cutter with double handle is ideal for anyone who needs to keep the garden, orchard, vegetable garden and slopes in order constantly and continuously.

It is part of the Tough-Tech series which includes robust and reliable machines designed to support demanding and long-lasting performances in agricultural-rural environments, in intensive gardening or in environments with bushes, brambles and uncultivated areas. The double handlebar, ox horn handle (whatever you want to call it!) Allows you to grab the brushcutter in a correct and comfortable position, very useful in demanding jobs, in uneven terrain, in unorthodox positions.

High quality materials, innovative mechanical components and cutting-edge technologies characterize the BCH 400 T; let’s see them specifically:

  • 2-stroke engine 40.2 cc 1.50 kW 2 HP powerful, robust, dynamic, which ensures reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of harmful gases
  • Innovative internal gears: piston with 2 elastic segments, shaft and connecting rod in forged and machined steel; roller and cylinder cages with nickel coating
  • Straight rod of Ø 28 mm
  • Transmission shaft of Ø 8 mm which runs on 6 self-lubricating bushings
  • Function controls placed in the right handle with quick switch-off “AlwaysOn” switch and automatic return
  • Start-up with pull cord, Primer pump which, pressed several times, frees the fuel lines from the air present
  • Mixture tank of 0.86 l, in semi-transparent plastic for visual level control and cap facing up to facilitate refueling operations
  • Double cutting head: Tap’n go EVO Ø 130 mm which, striking a single blow on the ground, ensures the right amount of line to continue cutting without interruptions and 3-pointed metal disc for more intense jobs
  • Large and sturdy heavy plastic stone guard that protects against rocks, splinters and debris
  • Single support strap to be fastened directly on the rod

Working with a double handle brushcutter is the best way to tackle demanding and long-lasting jobs.

OleoMac BCH 400 T double handle petrol brush cutter

2-stroke engine 40.2 cc- 1,50 kW 2,0 HP – Tap’n go head and 3-point disc – double handle

  • 2-stroke engine 40.2 cc
  • Power 1.50 kW 2.0 HP
  • Mixture tank 0,86 lt
  • Rigid shaft 28 mm
  • Tap’n go head + 3 point disc
  • Net weight 8.10 kg


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