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Hydrostop  D17 Durostick is silicone waterproofing impregnation for decorative bricks.

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Water penetration fluid of high penetration (micro technology), siloxane based, with solvents and high resistance to alkaline environment. Effectively protects decorative artificial cement bricks or ceramic base, exposed ceramic bricks, bricks and cement slabs. It ‘allows’ perspiration, protects against the absorption of water and air pollutants and does not promote the growth of mold and lichens. In addition, it ensures the water repellency, the stability and the shade of the joints of the investment elements. It retains its properties for at least 10 years, as long as it is applied in two layers, fresh to fresh.

Way Of Use
Surface preparation: Remove mud, exhaust fumes, fumes or other contaminants from the substrates, using DUROSTICK BIOCLEAN biodegradable cleaner (for polished marbles and decorative bricks) which cleans without damaging the surfaces. Building debris, blackheads and lichens are removed with ACID TILE CLEANER or with DUROSTICK D-7 stone cleaner.
Application: D-17 HYDROSTOP is applied as it is by rolling or spraying from a distance of 50cm in one coat until saturation or in 2 successive, fresh to fresh, coatings for highly absorbent surfaces. Protect the frames and frames in case of application by spraying.

Additional information

Shape - Color

Liquid – Transparent

Specific weight

0.77 ± 0.04kg / lt

Resistance to aging and alkalis




Application temperature

from + 5 ώς to + 35 ℃


At least 80% of the original

Waterproofing time

at least 10 years

Water absorption coefficient

W≤0,5kg / m²√h


1L, 4L

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